Good morning from the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas.  We escaped to one of our favorite places in the whole world, Lakeview United Methodist Conference Center, in the middle of 1300 acres of nowhere, south of Palestine TX.  We have worked here on numerous NOMADS projects. It is, unfortunately, closed for summer camp this year because of the virus, so they are taking this opportunity to spiffy everything up hopefully to host the Texas Aggies Freshman Orientation in the Fall.

It's good to be back in the South, where everyone takes care of everyone else.  Yesterday, a lady brought cookies for all the employees. They invited us as one of them.  One of the Maintenance men was helping us with a tire, so one of the Housekeeping ladies wasn't sure he could make it, so she brought him some cookies.  It's the true sense of Community.

We somehow picked up a screwdriver bit in a tire on the car.  Brand new tire, bought them just before we left AZ!  One of the Maintenance men plugged it for us, just so we could get into Palestine, about 15 miles away.  Yesterday we drove into Discount Tire and they got it fixed permanently.  When we asked about the cost, they said "nothing".  God blesses us in so many ways.

We spent the last couple of days replacing planks on one of the fishing docks.  They gave us a four-wheeler to use, so we went the "long way" through the woods.  When we came in, I noticed that the roses at the front entrance need a little TLC, so I may work on them today.


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