Two Months Out  for pictures and info about where we are.

We have now been at Lakeview for over two months.  We have completed several small projects and a few large ones since our last post.
1.  We painted and redecorated a small bathroom in the Great Hall. 
2.  Stabilized some overloaded bookshelves in a storage room and built new ones along one entire wall and part of another.
3.  Repaired walls, removed tape, glue etc.  Repainted Game Room. Added chalkboard paint to one area, hoping the kids will write on it instead of the walls and windows!  Also added a divider between the game room and the snack room.  Made a board covered with burlap and put behind the dart boards.
4.  Started painting 24 doors in one of their dorm sections.

We drove over to a little country store about 35 miles away.  Had some of their famous homemade peach ice cream and bought some fresh veggies.  Love the little stores in rural Texas.

Everyone here is so good to us.  We are blessed to be in such a beautiful setting surrounded by nature.  One morning Bill saw a doe deer and her fawn just outside our coach.

I finished a quilt and donated it to Lakeview.  They have it hanging in a conference room

The Covid-19 has made an uptick in the past few week or so, so we have no plans to leave any time soon.  They have had a couple of small groups  here already, mostly family reunions.  They plan to have a larger group the end of June and first week in July, so we will stay and help through those anyway.  Just trying to listen to God's bidding as to where He wants us to be right now. 


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