Hurricane Laura

 We have been preparing rooms for up to nearly 300 evacuees from Hurricane Laura.  Mostly from Beaumont and the Houston area.  She is scheduled to hit tonight, and we are grateful that these people were able to get out.  Many are from Assisted Living homes.  Some came in ambulances.  Some drove all night.  Some came with their belongings in U-Hauls, at least one family brought a hospital bed, another has a generator in the back of their truck.  This is real life, folks.  It is so rewarding to be able to help in this situation, and we thank God that we are here.  Please pray for us that we will be shining examples of ambassadors for Christ.  

It has been hot and humid, so it's very difficult to work outside except early morning, just like in Arizona, except we aren't used to the humidity again.

Today is Coco's 13th birthday!  She is still going strong.  Bitsy is just Bitsy! She was moping the other day because she knew we were leaving for a little while to work.  I got this picture where she looks like a black dust mop!

Pictures of the beautiful stained glass windows in the cafeteria.


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